The Adult, Career & Technical Education Department (ACT) in Manatee County is the umbrella for all of the adult, career and technical education programs in our middle schools, high schools, and Manatee Technical Institute. We encompass Tech Prep, Career Academies, Smaller Learning Communities, Exceptional Student Education (ESE) On-The-Job Training (OJT) and Transitions Services, Extended Day, and Take Stock in Children. Through our programs we prepare youth and adults for careers by providing leadership in developing an educated, prepared and competitive workforce.

The ACT Department in Manatee County is in the forefront in the movement to link the world of education to the world of work. Our programs have become more academically centered and students are prospering by our efforts. The academy evaluation matrix developed by our district is sweeping the country and has been used as the foundation for the National Standards of Practice for Career Academies.

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